Exceptional Designs for 3D Trophies

Our distinguished artwork for 3D trophies brings imagery to life and has been featured in companies' showcases around the globe.

Our 3D design studio caters specifically to manufactures of
3D trophies: we create 3D trophy designs which give
photo-realistic results and can be used in laser engraving machines.

Our library of prestigious designs allows you to browse through our work and select a file to download.

Our team of talented artists can turn any concept into a design for 3D trophies, simply let us know what you'd like.

In addition to our ready-made and bespoke 3D creations, we can also create superb 3D Models from 2D images.

Thanks to our extensive experience and unique patented Tone Technology, we are able to craft stunning and realistic 3D Models for use in Laser Engraving Machines.

Our expertly designed 3D engraving model files will breathe life into your crystal or glass.

Download a file and see for yourself how good they look engraved.

Download an example file to use in your engraving machine.

If you’d like to transform your designs into the finished product, we have production facilities available with a fast turnaround time. Your 3D trophies will be made to the highest quality.

3D is taking over

Gone are the days of yesteryear when movie-goers were forced to endure their favourite comedies or romance in 2D, replaced with the 3D era. In 2013 in fact, nine out of ten of the leading box office films have been in 3D, with avid film lovers being given the opportunity to see smash hits such as Star Trek, Iron Man and the Great Gatsby in this way. It seems that more and more people are joining this 3D revolution as since such films have been available to the public, as ticket profits from the past year have reached record averages.

Science meets 3D

You just can’t do it all, and with the wealth of activities and exhibitions awaiting tourists and locals in London, it is inevitable that you’ll miss out on that exhibit you were just dying to see. But wait! Now you can thanks to more and more organizations understanding the exciting possibilities available with 3D technology. The Science Museum in London is using such technology to create videos where viewers are guided through the gallery’s historic exhibitions, accompanied by commentary. Two billion laser measurements were sown together to create a 3D version of the entire gallery! So next time there is an exhibition on in London and you live in Rome, you don’t have to miss out!

Skype joins the revolution

In an interview with the BBC Mark Gillett, Microsoft’s corporate vice president for Skype, explained that the much loved online video call program is developing 3D video. Although it is not something that will be available to customers in the very near future, Mark commented on how the world is becoming more and more obsessed with 3D potential. From “TV’s and computers monitors” to “smartphones” it is clear that we have not yet reached our 3D capabilities and Mark is adamant that video calling will be added to the list at some point.