Exceptional 3D Engraving Designs

Through our pioneering Tone Technology we create designs for 3D engravings with
photo-perfect results.

We're a boutique 3D design studio creating files for manufacturers of 3D engravings. Our team of professional artists ensure that our designs are of the highest standards and quality and ready for use in glass and 3D crystal engraving work.

Our library of prestigious designs allows you to browse through our work and select a file to download.

Can't find what you're looking for in our gallery? Send us the picture or image you'd like transformed into 3D and we'll create a file with your 3D engraving design.

We can create any design that you have in mind with exceptional results: no idea is too complex for our team of talented artists.

Download an example file to use in your engraving machine.

Football Players get a 3D Makeover

The Brazilian National Football team have had their upper bodies scanned using a cutting edge 3D scanner in order to recreate a miniature 3D version of the entire squad. The process took five hours to successfully complete and did not always go smoothly. For example, Dante, a player with a particularly large, curly afro caused difficulties for the EVA scanner. The scanner in question was an Artec 3D with a circular flash and capturing 3D resolution of up to 0.5mm; it has been affectionately named ‘The Spider’ due to its many ‘eyes’.

New Opera Hero Get Holographic

If you haven’t invested in a 3D TV, don’t worry, you can still join the 3D entertainment revolution by booking to see New Opera Hero in their electrifying display of music, art and animation. They have managed to add an entirely new dimension to live performance and have won awards for their 3D holographic sets during previous shows in the UK and Belgium. Next opportunity to see New Opera Hero’s 3D performance: Fusion Festival 2014, Germany.

3D Creative Summit

If you missed the 3D Creative Summit held at the BFI in March, don’t panic, you can now watch videos featuring a plethora of exclusive interviews with well-known film and TV figures discussing the benefits and possibilities when it comes to 3D films and TV programmes. In particular Life of Pi and Oscar Award winning director Ang Lee discusses his experience of the 3D revolution, particularly regarding the David Attenborough series and TV series, Galapagos. This and many other videos can be viewed via the 3D Creative Summit YouTube Channel here.