3D Designs by Creative Artists

Our boutique studio boasts a heady mix of talent where we create exceptional 3D engraving designs through to state-of-the-art high poly modeling.

We create designs for 3D engravings, both readymade and bespoke. Our team of designers have many years' experience in the industry which encompass being the founders of Tone Technology – the process of creating realistic images for 3D engraving products.

Choose from our gallery of pre-made designs, allocate a photo that you would like replicating or opt for an original design for your 3D etching.
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Showcased in multinational companies around the world, our 3D trophy and 3D gift designs have made their mark based on our precision and creativity.
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Campus MovieFest

This year the world’s largest student film festival has gone 3D, partnered with the International 3D society they have created the first 3D film festival. Young filmmakers from near and far now have the chance to create their characters and worlds in 3D, giving them the opportunity to get their hands on revolutionary 3D technology. The winner as decided by the 3D industry will be honoured at CMF Hollywood’s red carpet award ceremony.

Technology Awards

Every year the International 3D society rewards outstanding achievement in 3D innovation or impact. This year the theme is ‘New Products’, focusing specifically on new products on the market that will drive the industry forward. If you have a new product you think could revolutionalise the world of 3D submit your work via the International 3D society website

3D Fossils

People have often wondered what it would have been like to have lived in the past: to have walked with Dinosaurs or witnessed the world when all was ice. Well now there is a way, albeit only stretching as far as fossils at the moment, to observe such historical artifacts in 3D. The British Geological Survey has used a 3D scanner Device since May 2012 to produce digital 3D copies of thousands of items from the fossil archives of museum storage. You can now view these e-fossils online as part of the world’s first 3D fossil collection. Join the revolution, have a look: here.